15 Advantages of WordPress

1. It is completely free.
2. WordPress can be used in most languages. The system is translated into almost all languages ​​in the world.
3. WordPress first appeared on the world market about fifteen years ago, and has already won the recognition of millions.
4. About one hundred million websites have been created around the globe with its help.
5. Websites have interesting designs. Templates are easily changed, which allows you to design a blog in its own unique style.
6. WordPress is perfectly indexed by search engines, so your blogs and websites will always be on the top.
7. There are built-in tags available.
8. Address line perfectly recognizes both Latin and other languages.
9. Of course there is additional work that can be done if, for example, you want to develop your own blog design and ask for help from professionals, the cost will not be particularly high.
10. You will find many plugins as well as extensions.
11. You yourself will be able to create menus, and if you wish they will not be displayed in the navigation panel.
12. It is very easy to place a video from YouTube using HTML code.
13. Page preview implementation without actually publishing it.
14. Easy to use navigation, go to any page of any post.
15. Special plugins have been introduced, enabling posts to be reformatted if a visitor uses an iPhone or an iPad, or any another mobile device.

Significant Advantages of WordPress

Suppose you decided to create your own blog using WordPress, then let’s get you familiar with its key advantages. First of all, millions of users around the world drew the fact that its use is completely free, that is, to keep a blog or to have your own online store, you do not have to spend money at all. In addition, you can use WordPress in almost any language of the world, the developers have taken care of that part so that all Internet users have the opportunity to use this platform. WordPress is reliable and hasn’t lost its popularity for fifteen years. If the previous argument did not convince you, then note that over a million websites have been created with the help of WordPress.

Possibility to apply a unique design for your website, in addition to the fact that you can choose from thousands of templates or ask for help from professional web designers or if you are an advanced PC user to create a design yourself. Moreover, search engines perfectly integrate with WordPress and therefore your websites will always be displayed in top view. The built-in system allows you to leave tags, and the address bar has been adapted to recognize Latin as well as other languages. WordPress allows you to create hidden menus, that is, menus that will not be displayed in the navigation panel. You can easily post videos from the YouTube, place page previews without making a publication. Developers built in special plugins that reformat posts when using an iPhone, Apple iPod or any other mobile device.

Now, you have an idea of ​​the main advantages of WordPress, so now you can decide which platform to use to design your website.

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