Dear friends, today I will share my new selection of the best plugins for WordPress. It took me several days to compile this list since the last edition. A lot of time has passed, some of the information was out of date, so I decided to prepare a new version.

The Best Plugins for WordPress – 100 Plugins

The list of plugins is not just updated. This is a completely new collection, taking into consideration the development of the Internet, the blogosphere and social networks. The newer versions of WordPress do not support some of the older plugins, so even if they were popular in the past I had to remove them from the list.

It was not my goal to include as many plugins as possible into this collection, this is not necessary. I reviewed thousands of plugins before making the final selection. The idea was not to include as many plugins as possible but to find the best ones for your needs. So try and decide for yourself. I once wrote a detailed guide to WordPress, which will suit everyone who wants to start working with this blog engine.

Here’s the summary of the new compilation: plugins for SEO, backups and security, content protection, spam, monetizing your blog, Twitter, Facebook and other social networks, for statistics and analytics as well as plugins for images and galleries, audio and video content and other files, for speeding up WordPress, for RSS feeds and some additional plugins as well as a list of resources for WordPress plugins. Uff, I am looking now at this selection and it looks scary good!

SEO Plugins for WordPress

1. All-in-One SEO Pack – This is a real classic among the other plugins for optimizing a WordPress blog. This plugin allows you to optimize your blog for search engines. For instance, it allows you to write individual meta tags titles, description and keywords that increase the value of your website for search robots. I consider it mandatory to install on any blog.

2. Platinum SEO Pack – This is another useful plugin for internal optimization of a WordPress blog. It has many options and possibilities. For example, Platinum SEO Pack can automatically create 301 redirects, so it is very convenient when the page address changes.

3. SEO Ultimate – A good plugin for optimizing a WordPress blog with many features. It allows you to optimize meta tags, track broken links, edit .htaccess and robots.txt files and much more.

4. WordPress SEO is another interesting plugin for optimizing your blog for search engines.

5. Google XML Sitemaps is a useful plugin that generates a site map in xml format that helps search engines to index your blog. After creating a site map, I suggest adding it to the Google and Yandex webmasters panel.

6. WP Sitemap – for improving your blog indexation by search engines (aside from a site map in xml  format) can make the site map in html format. WP Sitemap plugin was created for that exact purpose. Everything is super simple – you install the plugin, create a page (not a post) where you need to place the following code: [wp_sitemap]. The blog map in html  format is now ready!

7. HTML Page Sitemap – for those who loves to create difficulties and then to overcome them heroically. Yes, it was a  joke 🙂 This plugin also creates a site map in html format, only it has a lot more settings. Or you can just make a page and insert this code after activating  the plugin: [html-sitemap].

8. SEO Friendly Images – who said that promoting your website with images does not have any effect? Okay, I’m a bit nervous today, need to calm down 🙂 Promoting a website using pictures becomes more and more promising. If you want to get more visitors coming from image search, then this SEO Friendly Images plugin is exactly what you need. It allows you to assign alt and title attributes to images in your blog.

9. Keyword Statistics – this plugin allows you to determine the density of search queries when writing articles and helps to optimize meta tags.

WordPress Plugins for Backups

Regularly making backups is not only useful, but also just necessary. From your backups you can always quickly restore the website. I advise you not to neglect backups and regularly save the database, images and files of your blog.

10. WP-DBManager is a multifunctional plugin that allows you to save your blog’s database and also to restore it, to delete and add tables. WP-DBManager plugin was developed by the famous WordPress plugin creator Leicester Chan.

11. WordPress Backup – this plugin allows you to save images from the uploads folder, templates files and your blog’s plugins into a zip archive. It is possible to send the saved archive to any email. If you use WP-DBManager and WordPress Backup together, then you will have all the necessary backups of your WordPress blog.

12. WordPress EZ Backup – here’s a plugin that combines the functionality of the two previous ones. It can save both your blog’s database and files. The ability to configure automatic saving backups perfectly complements the functionality of this plugin.

13. Online Backup for WordPress – another solution for creating WordPress backups. Online Backup for WordPress allows you to save your blog’s database, as well as to send the backup via email, save it to the desktop or to send to the developer’s server, where everyone can get 50 Mb of free space.

14. BackWPup is another useful WordPress plugin for creating backups of your blog. In addition to saving the database and sending it to an email, there is a choice of backup formats – zip, tar, tar.gz, tar.bz2. BackWPup provides an opportunity to optimize and repair the database, as well as save the blog data in xml format.

WordPress Plugins for Security

Security of the blog is an important point that should not be neglected. Plugins are a good way to improve the security level of your blog. It will not be able to protect your blog with a 100% certainty, however each type of protection creates certain obstacles and difficulties for intruders. The more obstacles, the better.

15. WP Security Scan – let’s start with plugin-scanners. WP Security Scanner hides the version of WordPress, and also scans your blog for various vulnerabilities, such as permissions on files and folders, checks if your password is too simple, etc. and makes recommendations for their correction. In addition, this plugin allows you to change the database prefix.

16. WP Secure – if for some reason other plugins do not work for you, then try this one. WP Secure will scan your blog for 23 security items. Allows you to limit a login time to the admin area and to make it possible to login only with your IP address.

17. BulletProof Security is a useful plugin for WordPress security. BulletProof Security allows you to protect important files of your blog (wp-config.php, php.ini and php5.ini) through the .htaccess file. There is an option for maintenance work on the blog. Turns off error messages, hides the version of WordPress and checks permissions on folders and files.

18. Secure WordPress – a cool plugin that removes error messages on the login page, hides the information about the version of the blog, adds an empty index.html file to the plugins folder, so no one can see the list of plugins used.

19. Login LockDown – records all unsuccessful attempts to log into your WordPress blog, saves IP and time, blocks IP after three unsuccessful login attempts for 5 minutes (you can specify a different period).

20. WordPress File Monitor is a useful plugin that tracks the presence of changes in your blog’s files, and in case of unauthorized editing, deletion or addition of files sends a message to your email. A kind of modest but useful workaholic at the same time.

21. AntiVirus – a convenient plugin for checking your blog for viruses and exploits. You can set up daily automatic checking with sending the report to your email.

Plugins for Content Protection

This point is controversial. I myself am not in favor of disabling the right mouse button or the ability to select text as this may be required by regular readers of your blog. There is no guaranteed 100% way to protect the content of your website from getting copied. If a website is laid out on the Internet, those who wish to copy the content will always find a way to do it. Nevertheless, I know that for some bloggers it’s important to protect their content, so I picked the following plugins specially for them.

22. Blog Protector – this plugin does not allow you to right-click on your blog’s pages and disables the ability to select text.

23. Protection WP – In addition to disabling the right mouse button and highlighting text, this plugin allows you to disable the RSS feed of your blog. As you know, content is often copied through RSS.

WordPress Plugins to Fight Spam

24. Akismet is one of the most popular WordPress plugins, the number of downloads has exceeded 4 million. Sometimes Akismet mistakenly accepts regular comments as spam, but in general, it works just fine and helps to automatically filter out spam. This is one of those important plugins that I consider installing in the first place. By the way, the author of this plugin is Matt Mullenweg himself, the creator of WordPress.

25. Antispam Bee – allows you to effectively deal with spam by substituting a text field. Spam can be either deleted immediately, or marked, so that the owner of the blog himself can decide whether he wants to delete the comment.

26. NoSpamNX is an effective WordPress plugin for fighting spam. It is convenient for users, as they do not need to enter complex security codes and allows to filter out a significant volume of spam.

WordPress Plugins for Monetizing Your Blog

27. WP Loaner is a plugin that allows you to work with affiliate programs. Set up a list of lenders, break them into categories and start earning money right away!

28. AdRotate is a useful WordPress plugin that allows you to rotate banners (i.e. with each  page reload a new banner is displayed in the place of the previous one).

29. All in One Adsense and YPN is a popular plugin that allows you to automatically insert Google Adsense advertising blocks or Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN). In the settings you can specify colors, sizes and location of ads, and the blocks will be automatically placed in all posts of your blog.

30. Easy AdSense is a popular plugin for placing contextual Google Adsense advertising in posts and at the side column of the WordPress blog. In addition, the plugin allows you to place a Google’s search bar.

31. Simple Adsense is a simple and convenient plugin for inserting Google Adsense ad units in a blog. The blog owner is provided with several fields for inserting contextual or other advertisements that can then be placed in the desired place in the form of short codes like [adsense_id = “1”].

32. s2Member – a very interesting plugin, suitable for earning in English-language blogs. It allows you to make part of your blog’s content accessible only to visitors who have paid for their access through PayPal. You can specify 4 types of paid subscribers, as well as specify the payment period – from daily to annual.

33. WP e-Commerce – this plugin allows you to add a shopping cart to your blog.

WordPress Plugins for Twitter

Twitter’s microblogging service is becoming more and more popular. It must be used if you are blogging. This will allow to receive additional visitors and announce the new content of your blog. Links from Twitter are very quickly indexed by search engines.

34. Xhanch – My Twitter is a popular plugin that allows you to display messages from Twitter on your blog. Supports several accounts and has many settings. Xhanch – My Twitter is easy and fast, because it has its own caching system.

35. Clever Tweet is an interesting WordPress plugin for Twitter, which also allows you to display your posts on the blog, but does it with a nice animation on jQuery. Surely you’ve seen a similar effect on blogs, when messages from Twitter scroll. You can set the interval, enable and disable retweets, etc. There is a cache for reducing the load on hosting.

36. Tweet This is a popular plugin that will add a retweet button to posts on your WordPress blog.

37. TweetMeme Button – another plugin that adds a retweet button to your blog’s content, as well as in the RSS feed.

38. WP-Twitter Retweet Button – in case if you prefer the official retweet buttons from Twitter, then you should install this plugin. It has all the necessary settings.

39. Tweet Tweet – an interesting plugin that allows you to save your messages on Twitter, as well as messages from your tweets to your WordPress blog’s database.

40. TweetUpdater – if you do not want to manually configure the publication of your posts announcements on the blog on Twitter via Feedburner service then this can be implemented using this plugin.

WordPress Plugins for Facebook

Facebook is actively gaining popularity. If you are blogging, I advise you to create an account there and create a page for your blog.

41. WP-FacebookConnect – allows users to leave comments on your blog using Facebook authorization. Please note that comments will not be saved to your blog’s database.

42. Facebook Comments for WordPress – this plugin is almost the same as the previous one, it also allows visitors to comment on your blog using your Facebook account.

43. Share On Facebook – this plugin places ‘add to Facebook’ buttons in your blog posts so that visitors can share the content they like on this social network.

44. Like – this plugin allows you to place another button for adding likes to Facebook. There are all the necessary settings.

45. Facebook Fan box is a convenient plugin for displaying your friends block on your blog. This allows all users to join you on Facebook in one click.

WordPress Plugins for Vkontakte

46. ​​VKontakte Share Button – useful WordPress plugin that allows you to insert a button to add your articles to the VKontakte. You can customize the button type, select a horizontal or a vertical layout, display in posts and / or on pages, set the description type and specify a link to your blog’s logo.

Other WordPress Plugins for Social Networks

47. BuddyPress is a popular plugin that allows you to create a social network based on the WordPress engine. Functionality includes the ability to register users, create groups, maintain user blogs, private messages, activity tracking and much more.

48. Social Profiles Widget – this plugin allows you to display icons with links to your profiles in various social networks.

49. AddThis is one of the most popular services for adding buttons to social networks (by the way, the scripts are suitable for websites running on any engines).

50. Share and Follow – a good plugin for inserting buttons to add to social networks. You can choose the type of buttons, there are many other settings too.

51. Social Media Widget is another plugin that allows you to place buttons on your blog for adding to social networks. You can choose from 3 button sizes, 4 design styles and 4 animation effects.
WordPress Plugins for Statistics and Analytics

52. WP-log-robots is an excellent plugin that allows you to track when and which robot visited your blog, as well as what pages of your blog it visited. All information is saved in a plain text file.

53. Google Analytics for WordPress is a well-known plugin for working with the Google Analytics statistics system. Allows you to comprehensively analyze the stats of your visitors to the blog.

54. WP-Stats-Dashboard is a very interesting plugin for analyzing statistics. Its peculiarity is that the owner of the blog can see statistics from social networks, starting from the growth dynamics of the number of followers on Twitter and ending with data using individual keywords.

WordPress Plugins for the Convenience of Your Visitors

I’ve identified a number of plugins that are well suited for making everything more convenient for your visitors.

55. Loginza is a convenient plugin for visitors allowing them to get authorized on your blog using popular networks account like Facebook, Twitter, MyOpenID, Google, VKontakte, etc.

56. WP-PageNavi is a plugin for creating page-by-page navigation on a WordPress blog. By default, there is no such option available on WordPress. WP-PageNavi allows you to implement page-by-page navigation so that the pages of the blog get numbered as 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. I advise you to install this plugin, as this type of navigation is convenient for visitors.

57. GD Star Rating – a popular plugin that allows to rank posts on your blog so that visitors can evaluate your content. There are many different settings.

58. Subscribe to Comments Now! – a plugin that allows visitors to subscribe to comments on the article they are interested in by email. There is a subscription option without commenting.

59. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin is a plugin for automatically displaying similar articles on your blog. I have seen this over and over – that if you put a list of similar related articles at the end of each current article, it increases the number of views and the time that visitors will spend on your blog.

60. Related Posts Thumbnails is a great plugin, which also displays similar related posts, only with pictures. As a result, the effect of viewing pages on your blog increases.

61. SyntaxHighlighter Evolved – if you need to publish some code examples on your blog, I suggest installing this plugin that allows you to highlight the syntax. As a result, visitors will be much more comfortable learning the code you offer.

62. WordPress Popular Posts is a great plugin that displays a list of the most popular posts on your blog, which allows visitors to see your best content right away.

63. Most Commented Widget is another useful plugin that displays a list of articles on your blog with the most comments.

64. WP-Polls – do you want to create polls on your blog? If so, then you need the WP-Polls plugin.

65. PollDaddy Polls & Ratings is another WordPress plugin for creating polls for visitors on your blog. There are all necessary settings.

66. GTranslate is a plugin that allows visitors to translate your articles into any of the 58 available languages. According to statistics, this covers 98% of Internet users in the world.

67. Better Tag Cloud – allows you to not only display a nice tag cloud, but also configure it. There are many settings from selecting colors and sizes to setting your own style and not displaying certain tags in the cloud.

68. Configurable Tag Cloud is another WordPress plugin for a tag cloud with good functionality.

69. Breadcrumb NavXT – a popular plugin for creating navigation in the style of “bread crumbs”, which is not only convenient for visitors, but also positively affects the internal linking of the blog. “Bread crumbs” look like this – Home-Category-Name of the post.

WordPress Plugins for Comments

70. Disqus Comment System – a plugin from the popular comment service Disqus. It replaces the standard WordPress comments and makes them more convenient for commentators (they do not need to fill out the name and email each time) and for the author of the blog. In this case, all comments are saved to your blog’s database, so at any time this plugin can be disabled, and comments will then be displayed in standard form.

71. IntenseDebate Comments – plugin comments from another well-known system Intense Debate. It also expands the capabilities of the default WordPress comment system and synchronizes all comments with the database. Like Disqus, the author of the blog can respond to comments via email, which is very convenient.

73. Greg’s Threaded Comment Numbering – a plugin for numeration of tree-like comments.

74. Top Commentators Widget – if you want to encourage visitors to comment, you can place a list of the most active commentators in the sidebar using this plugin.

75. Dofollow – another plugin that increases the number of comments on your blog. It allows you to make commentators’ links open for indexing by search engines, removing the attribute rel = “nofollow”. This will make your blog more attractive to commentators who want to receive an indexed link. However, it is necessary to consider that the volume of manual spam increases.

76. CommentLuv is a popular plugin in the English-language Internet, which displays a link to the last commentator post.

Plugins for Feedback from Blog Visitors

Getting feedback from your visitors is important for many webmasters.

77. Cforms is a very good and convenient plugin for creating a contact form on your blog. I’m using this plugin all the time. There are a lot of settings, but it’s quite easy to understand it.

78. Contact Form 7 is another popular plugin for creating a feedback form on your WordPress blog. Simple and functional at the same time, there are all necessary settings for creating the required contact form.

79. Fast Secure Contact Form – plugin for creating a contact form with many settings and protection from bots. Keep in mind that CAPTCHA (security code) is enabled in all the plugins that I’ve listed here.

WordPress Plugins for Images and Photo Galleries

80. NextGEN Gallery – this plugin allow to create an image gallery on the blog and is included in the top 10 most downloaded plugins for WordPress. It has a lot of settings for creating a gallery of images that you need. You can adjust various effects when changing images, you can automatically overlay watermarks, create a slideshow and much more. You can see demo galleries on the developer’s website, in the right column you can go to different style options, and on the pages with examples you can get the codes needed to create this or that style.

81. 3D Carousel Menu FX – a plugin for creating a very effective three-dimensional “carousel” of images.

82. Page Flip Image Gallery – This plugin creates a stylish image gallery with the turning pages effect. And it looks great! 🙂

83. WordPress Content Slide – this plugin allows you to create a beautiful slideshow of your images.

Plugins for Inserting Audio, Video and Other Files

84. Smart YouTube – an excellent plugin for embedding videos from Youtube. Allows you to adjust the desired size of the video window and set the color of the player.

85. Video Embedder – a convenient plugin for embedding videos from popular video services to your blog. Despite the fact that it has not been updated for a long time, it also works in newer WordPress versions.

86. WordPress Video Plugin – if the previous one does not work for you, try this one. It also supports dozens of popular video services and makes it easy to embed videos on his blog.

87. Google Doc Embedder – the more formats in the presentation of your blog’s content you will use, the better. Visitors like diversity. The Google Doc Embedder plugin allows you to easily embed documents in DOC, DOCX, PDF, TIFF format, as well as presentations in PPT and PPS. To do this, you just need to upload them to Google Docs first.

88. Allow Word / Powerpoint / Excel file uploads – if you do not want to use Google Docs, but still want to publish MS Office files and presentations on your blog then try this plugin, which allows downloading files from your computer directly to the blog. In addition to DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, this plugin supports Excel spreadsheets (XLS and XLSX).

89. WPaudio MP3 Player is a popular plugin for embedding audio files and podcasts for WordPress bloggers. A simple and convenient audio player with a user-friendly interface. There is support for HTML5 standard for iPhone, iPad, Android and mobile browsers.

90. podPress is one of the most famous WordPress plugins for podcasters. You can post podcasts on your blog as well as track the downloads statistics.

91. Blubrry PowerPress Podcasting plugin – this plugin is designed specifically for podcasters. Supports the following formats: mp3, m4a, ogg, wma, ra, mp4a, m4v, mp4v, mpg, asf, avi, wmv, flv, swf, mov, divx, 3gp, midi, wav, aa, pdf, torrent, m4b, M4r. There are several audio players to choose from. iTunes is supported as well.

WordPress Plugins

Unfortunately, each new version of WordPress becomes more and more demanding of resources, creating an increased load on hosting. Of all the solutions available on the Internet, I prefer to use Max caching script, which allows to significantly reduce the load on the server.

92. WP Super Cache is a popular WordPress caching plugin. This plugin generates static HTML files from dynamic pages of your blog, which allows you to reduce the load on the server. You can enable full or partial caching.

93. Hyper Cache is another simple solution that allows to reduce the load on your hosting. As the developer wrote, he created this plugin specifically for hostings with limited resources. There are three types of caching – complete, posts only and only the main and archives pages.

94. Quick Cache – another WordPress caching plugin that allows you to reduce the load on hosting. There are all the settings available that you may need.
WordPress Plugins for RSS Feeds

95. RSS Footer is a useful plugin that allows you to display a list of similar related content after a post in the RSS feed, which ultimately gives more conversions to your blog.

96. FD Feedburner Plugin – plugin for connecting RSS feeds of your blog to the Feedburner service.

Useful WordPress Plugins for the Blog Owner

97. Broken Link Checker – a useful plugin for the blog owner, which allows you to find broken links, images and redirects and displays information about it in the admin panel or sends a notification by email.

98. All in One Webmaster – a useful plugin for the blog owner, which allows you to work with Google, Yahoo, Bing, Alexa, Facebook and BlogCatalog. There is a convenient option of adding a sitemap to Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Ask.

99. Simple Tags – a popular plugin that allows you to conveniently work with tags on your blog. There is all the functionality that you can think of to work with tags.

100. Redirection is a very useful plugin that allows you to easily configure redirects from old pages to new ones. You just need to specify the addresses of the old and new pages, the form of the redirect (for example, 301), and click OK. All created redirects can be viewed and changed as needed.

Additional Plugins

101. Article Directory – if you want to make a catalog of articles running on WordPress engine , then you can try this plugin from Dimox. It comes complete with a template, which allows you to make a full catalog of articles.

102. Visitor Maps and Who’s Online – you’ve probably seen that on some blogs in the side column – a small world map that marks the places where visitors came from to that blog. This plugin will allow you to become the master of the universe! 🙂

103. WPtouch is a plugin that is designed to transform your blog into an iPhone application.

I wish you successful development of your websites!

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