Wp Calc Weight allows you to calculate the ideal body weight and its range, that appropriate to healthy people.

Ideal weight

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The term “ideal weight” means an average standard, calculated and based on the received data from many people. All people weigh differently. In addition, they differ from each other in a physique, lifestyle, nutritional culture, etc. All these parameters have an effect on weight. For example, for a person with a strong constitution, a weight that is 2-3% greater than the normal weight of people of medium build considered as the norm. For thin person the norm will be 4-5% less than for normal. Therefore, there is no need to achieve the ideal weight, calculated using a calculator. It is quite normal if the body weight is within the specified range.

In addition to weight, you can calculate the body mass index (BMI) using the Wp Calc Weight calculator. You can use this indicator to understand how much the body’s weight corresponds to growth. This technique is the development of the World Health Organization.

Practice shows that people with normal weight are more attractive and healthy. When adjusting the weight, it is not necessary to go beyond the range of ideal weight, because this can lead to health problems.

If there are serious deviations from the norm, then it is time to act appropriately and correct the weight. In case of insufficient weight, there is a possibility of development of dystrophy. The cause of its occurrence is deliberate malnutrition. Some people tend to give their figure an unnatural harmony, but as a result, it turns into serious mental disorders and health problems (skin becomes dry, disability decreases, head starts to bald, etc.). All these troubles are the result of a shortage of nutrients that the body needs so much. However, their overabundance also has a negative impact on health.

Obesity is a very common problem that affects many people around the world. Because of the excess weight significantly increases the likelihood of kidney stones, myocardial infarction, impotence, deformation of blood vessels and other diseases. The body works in a strengthened mode, constantly undergoing overloads when moving in the accumulated fat space, which is not provided for by the construction of the human body. Therefore, it is not surprising that people with obesity live 7-8 years less than a healthy population.

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